How To Book Antrobus Village Hall, Cheshire

(And To Find Out What’s On)

For booking enquiries it is best to email our bookings secretary,
Karen:   (further contact details here).

The Price for hiring the hall is also available from Karen on request.

Please Note: The online calendar below is there for guidance only;
it’s always best to check availability with Karen before committing to a date.

How To Book Antrobus Village Hall

Whether you want to hire a function room on its own or make a combination booking of several/all rooms together for a larger event, hiring our hall could not be easier:

  • Check out our Village Hall Facilities page to help you decide what function rooms you’ll need;
  • To ensure your special date is available, first have a look at our village hall Calendar below and then check with our bookings secretary Karen;
  • If you wish you could also double check against our “What’s On” guide to regular events below;
  • We would then recommend contacting us, to have a chat about your requirements, to have your special date confirmed as available and to be given all the details on price of hire that you need.
    We can generally be contacted between 9am and 9pm daily;
  • Contact us by email: (this is the best method of contacting us; if we are at our normal place of work then we are able to check email quite frequently).
  • You’ll be asked to complete a Booking Form which can be downloaded from here;
  • In addition you’ll need to read / download our Terms and Conditions of hire
  • NOTE: if you want to include the BAR in your booking, our bookings secretary will advise you who to talk to about this, as this must be organised separately from the Main Hall booking;
  • Once we receive your signed booking form and payment, arrangements will be made for you to pick up the keys so you can prepare for your private or business event;

We know that whatever the reason for hiring Antrobus Village Hall, we’re confident you’ll find our amenities first class and excellent value for money.

Please note that currently the Village Hall cannot be booked for
Teenage Birthday Parties; (i.e. ages 13–20 … this includes 19th Birthday parties).

The hall CAN be hired for 21st Birthday Parties.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions – thank you.

What’s On

Below is a list of our regular events together with contact details for each event:

Name of Club Regular Meeting Day Contact Name Contact Details
JIVETASTIC Every Monday (7.30pm) also FREESTYLE EVENTS Rob Nickson 07703 343204
PARISH COUNCIL Every 3rd Monday (7.30pm) Simon Palmer 01606 891462
YOGA Each Tuesday
Becky 07544 567708
ANTROBUS WI Every 2nd Tuesday (7.30pm) Meryl Phillips 01606 891550
FRIENDSHIP CLUB Every 1st Weds (2pm) Janet Mounfield 01606 892987
Agnes Bentley; Committee Secretary 01565 777286
BRIDGE CLUB Every Weds Evening Ruth Bramwell 01925 725429
ANTROBUS BOWLING CLUB Thursdays (runs between 1st Thurs in Oct – Last Thurs in April) Kath Hankey 01565 777229
FETE COMMITTEE 1st Saturday in July Christina Millichip 07970 722280
BREAKAWAY SEQUENCE DANCE GROUP Ad Hoc Denis Weaver 01270 587210
GROUP 2000
Ad Hoc Eleanor Griffiths 07761 022871
ANTROBUS PANTOMIME Ad Hoc Janet Featonby 07565 525029

A downloadable / printable version of this table in PDF format may be found here.

Check Availability Via Our Calendar

Note that whilst every effort is made to update the calendar as soon as possible after a booking, occasionally this is impractical. It’s always best to check with our bookings secretary first before committing to a date.